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Thursday, 13 February 2014

El Campello Home Services | Cleaners | Babysitters | Help For The Elderly


Unemployment right now is way too high in Spain, with so many men without work, and it's now the women who have become the real family bread winners, and many are cleaners.

If you do require cleaning services in the area of El Campello, please phone local number 620 879 319 to make the arrangements in English. Hourly rates are 8 Euro and 10 for ironing, and that would also include cooking, but not child minding. If you require babysitting or child minding services, please phone the same number as above for a personalised  quote.

We are also working closely now with a home help program for the elderly in sheltered accommodation in Muchamiel, which offers a loving and caring service for family in need of daily help and support. In fact I've just got off the phone with Monse who runs the business, and she told me that they need to expand soon, and are looking at El Campello for the next care centre, so great news.

At the moment Monse offers rental sheltered homes for the Elderly at Almond Court in Muchamiel, which also has an English book library and a swimming pool. The care program itself  includes pharmaceutical assistance, catering, cleaning, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, hairdressing, podiatry, chiropody and relaxation techniques, as well as assistance always on call.

A really great service for the elderly, and for further information please call Monse on 647 232 185

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