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Friday, 10 January 2014

El Campello - Official Website - English Version

The tourism section of the El Campello town hall... have an official website in English, and it does provide some very interesting and useful information that I wanted to share with you today. Anyway, the introduction begins by telling us that El Campello is located on a very privileged part of the Costablanca, and just 10 kilometres from Alicante and 30 from Benidorm. El Campello is described as being a traditional fishing village which has known how to transform itself, without losing its original roots.

Below is the official video presentation of El Campello...

They say every picture tells a story, well the photos seen on the website (on flickr) show the magical side of the local traditions and festivals, which carry on throughout the year in the streets and at the beautiful sandy beach found in El Campello.

The El Campello blog is only in Spanish, though is updated regularly, but try Google Translate to get the gist of what is said, though once again every picture paints a different story about El Campello, a tourist destination where you will be made to feel really welcome during the local festivals during July and October.

The website itself in general is very social, so you can see a lot more by visiting the El Campello Facebook Page, and the El Campello Tourism Youtube Video Channel where you can get a lot closer to the Campello buzz, so begin to appreciate what we actually have here, apart from the 330 yearly sunny days:)

Places of interest to be found in El Campello are the "La illeta" Watchtower (built between 1554 and 1557), La illeta "Queens" Bathing Baths, the Marina and fishing port (including public fish market), and a number of other important historical buildings, which have all been very well preserved.

There is a lot of useful information to be found on the top tabs, with a look at local cuisine and restaurants, a guide to local entertainment, and also includes a mention about the local Alicante Tram. 

It states that the "la Marina" train reached El Campello on 28th October 1914, and that the the original station was located in a different area of Campello then it is today by the "Av. Generalitat", but the original train line really did manage to contribute greatly to the economic and urban development of the town.

Today, the line links El Campello to Alicante by Tram, and to the main coastal towns as Benidrom and Altea by Train (electric), which passes every 30 minutes,. The Alicante tram stops at one of the most important beaches of  El Campello,  the "Muchavista" beach, a 3 Km stretch of golden sands.


Click here to visit the official "El Campello" website

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