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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

El Campello Is Ideal For Dog Owners

El Campello still is a quaint little fishing village, located just up the coast from Alicante.

El Campello Apartments
Many new apartment blocks were built during the golden years for property developers in this region, when growth hit it big time.

Then about five years ago it all came to a grind, as construction companies were suddenly left in trouble with the banks.

This was followed by a glut in the property market, and it suddenly became a problem to get rid of the apartments, and many have now been rented out as long term lets.

Very recently things do seem to be improving with some very cheap property investments being snapped up over the last 6 months, though you can still see lots of new apartments still here that haven't been sold yet.

el campello dog beach
Living in El Campello has been a real blessing for me, and I must say it's great for dog owners, having 2 myself, with Campello having a municipal park and open areas where the dogs can run free, and not to mention the only allocated dog beach in the whole of the Alicante region, and it's right here in El Campello

The ideal location in El Campello for dog owners to buy a property would be from the Campello end of Muchavista beach to the dry river bed "Rio Seco", along by the bridge where both the municipal dog park and beach are situated, and up until about Lidl's supermarket in the San Bartolome road would still be within easy walking distance.

There are quite a few supermarkets dotted throughout El Campello, as well as having both Primary and Secondary schools, a public health centre and the Tram station in the heart of the town. The next stop towards Alicante is Pla barraques, where there are 2 schools, as well as having some great restaurants within walking distance, like my favourite Indian restaurant "The Star of India", which itself is right by Lidl's supermarket.

el campello park
The latest addition to El Campello is the central green park, which is ideal for young children. Beware dog owners, as you won't be made welcome in that park, but I never said El Campello was perfect. There is a restaurant in the park, as well as swings and things for the kiddies to play on.

El Campello could be set to becoming a budding tourist town in the future, and it could be on the horizon with plans of a new University being built here, so that should boost the property market, as well as activating the private sector and local traders, who have certainly seen better times than at present.

This small town with a population of about 22000 is the ideal holiday location throughout the whole year, due to the mild winter in El Campello, so why not consider travelling here for a vacation this year and see for this beautiful town for yourself.

Finally for dog owners, it's a real treat living here in El Campello, and not just for the great climate.
Your dogs will just love it here too!

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