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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Best Reasons Why You Should Live In El Campello

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I am just updating this blog post after 5 years, so I have now lived in El Campello for nearly 10 years...WOW!

I 'd really like to share my positive experiences with anyone who's considering living in Spain, and explain why El Campello is the perfect place to spend your retirement or find a family home, by providing what I consider the beneficial factors to a happy and healthy lifestyle, which I have summarised below as being my best reasons to live in El Campello.

Today is in fact one of the coldest days of 2014 so far, about 6 degrees, but the sun did manage to break through in the morning, but can't complain really as we have had days of up to 25 degrees in January and February, so it's doesn't just get hot here in the Summer months, when it can reach 40 at times, but normally average 30 - 35 degree temperatures. If you do buy an apartment in El Campello, you need to decide first which way you want the apartment facing, as it will certainly make a lot of difference to your heating bills.

tapas el campello
Eating out really is so much more affordable in El Campello than in the UK, that's if you know where to go, as some restaurants down by the beach are a bit pricey, so if you do look into the town of El Campello itself, then you will find great restaurants, bars and cafeterias with WIFI. For delicious Tapas I recommend La Caseta.MediterrĂ¡nea y De La Terra  and most recommended for coffee is Cafeteria Mendieta.

If you don need to watch the FA cup final or eat fish and chips, then check out The Bull in Calle San Bartolome, and also Bernies down on the seafront past the Seis Perlas restaurant, which has for me become the best restaurant along the beach strip for tapas, where you get a cold pint for 2 Euro with free tapa too. 

English speaking tax advisers are recommended below, who explain any employment or fiscal issue that may concern you regarding your rights and obligations as an inscribed inhabitant of El Campello.

I will call it general rates, but here in El Campello it is called IBI. There has been a significant rise in the last 3 or 4 years, but the town hall are now even talking of reducing it slightly, but who knows:) It averages out at about 4.5 Euro per square metre of your property in the centre of El Campello, but could vary in our regions of the municipality.

The standard of living here in El Campello is a lot lower than in the UK, so here you have a higher standard of living, especially outdoors during the daytime. The night life here is pretty chilled in general, though you can find a few hot spots around the town.

For me anyway a great reason for living in El Campello is that you don't really need a car. Everything you need is within a 5 minute walk, and if you do need to go further afield, then the Tram stops in the centre El Campello and will take you right into the heart of Alicante in just 20 minutes.

A smokers paradise. Well it used to be until the law changes in Spain banned smoking in all Public areas but still, smoking in El Campello in open areas in not too bad most of the year. Not only that, many bars and restaurants have enclosed areas for smokers with heating, so maybe it still is a smokers paradise after all.

Fiestas or festivals are also very high on the agenda in El Campello. There are many traditional festivals throughout the year with the main holiday fiestas in July and October, where everybody dresses up and gets into the swing of things. I will publish blog posts this year as the fiestas happen, though you can see some pictures in a previous post of the El Campello fiestas

All in all life in El Campello is more relaxing. So people find it hard to adapt, but I'm sure they too still enjoy this very peaceful town of El Campello. There isn't a lot of crime here, more so in the summer by the beach, but otherwise it's quite a metropolitan town now with people from all over Europe and South America, and we all seem to get on well, which is great. I do have the advantage of speaking Spanish, so if you do need a hand, just give me a call... number on contact page below. 

And you will never be far away from Alicante, which I know very well, having worked there for about 15 years. You will get a taste of what Alicante has to offer as a great place to visit in the video below, with some great shots of the Alicante fiestas in June, called Hogueras.

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