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Thursday, 31 July 2008

El Campello - The Night Life By the Beach

You really can find everything you need down by the Beach in El Campello of an Evening. You will find a selection of well priced restaurants amongst the couple of really expensive ones which you should avoid.

I went out this evening with Patricia and a couple of friends and we ended up eating in a French fry/nugget sauce dip sort of restaurant. The food was pretty good for value and the service was excellent. Sangria was ever present in my glass and we soon moved on to the beach pub which just makes the perfecting setting for a couple of long drinks and a chance to take your t-shirt off.

El Campello Sandy Beach

It is pretty hot here at the moment, so any breeze is appreciated and just by the shore line is a perfect location for staying as cool as possible. Some people even brave it into the sea and you might feel the urge yourself as the sangria kicks in.

There are a variety of restaurants along the sea front and you will soon find your favourite. Sea fish and Paellas are the local favourites, all though you can find English food or curries near by too.

I will keep you posted on how things develop in September as I will be seeking cooler climates in August and then in October I will bring you live action of the Moors and Christian festivals, which will literally blow your mind.

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