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Friday, 22 November 2013

What's Happening With Property Sales In El Campello

El Campello Beach ViewSpain, loved by many for its all year round warm climate, is still struggling to pull through the economic crisis, as the European Commission still demands more cutbacks in order to get the national banks and savings banks funded again. Just to contradict that message, the President of Banco Santander "Emilio Botin" recently said in New York that money was literally pouring into Spain from all over the world... His surname actually means "Bounty":)

There are still 10s of thousands of new build properties to be sold at reduced prices, with the resale market being saturated with properties being sold at prices not seen for the last 10 years. What is actually stopping these properties being sold is the massive stock pile of repossessed properties now owned by the banks, who are only interested in granting mortgages to people for their own property stockpile, making it very difficult for people to sell their properties to any buyers requiring a mortgage.

Because of the now desperate need for people to sell their property in order to avoid repossession, prices have dropped around 40% compared to asking prices just 3 years ago. This is without a doubt a cash buyers market, with purchasing a property to be viewed as a good long term investment, and many investors from the UK and other northern European countries have already began to see that buying a property in El Campello is also a way to make money though holiday lets. El Campello is ideally situated 15 minutes north of Alicante with about 330 sunny days a year, and only 2 weeks ago was still having temperatures of 25 - 30 degrees, and they still remain at 15 - 20 degrees through December.

property sales el campelloCampello has a population of about 25000, and everything is very central, with a great tram connection for Alicante and Benidorm, so you don't necessarily need a car to live here. The town is full of small bars and restaurants, and there seems to be a supermarket on every street corner. There are also English type food shops and restaurants, so you don't necessarily have to change you life style to live in El Campello. There are also several beaches including the only beach apt for dogs in the whole of the province of Alicante, so El Campello would appear to be a forward thinking town, and always ready to develop new ideas.

"Campello Homes Invest" takes on a new concept in property sales with 100% transparency, and the will to help UK property investors find the ideal holiday rental home as a business investment in El Campello, where life is just so much better.

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