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Monday, 2 December 2013

Having a Relaxing "cafe con leche" in El Campello

English Restaurants El Campello

It might be cold in December where you are, but here in El Campello... was about 20 degrees down by the beach at Bernies today.

I was actually in very good company with my wife:) and as we both enjoyed the warm sunshine, it reminded me of something the Ex President Aznar's wife "Ana Botella" recently said in New York while representing the Madrid bid for the 2020 Olympics.

In English she said "while having a relaxing "cafe con leche" in..."

...and she was subsequently pulled apart on the social networks for her poor quality of English. I actually felt sorry for her as I too always ask for a "cafe con leche" in the English speaking bars and caf├ęs, just cuz I find that "a white coffee" doesn't quite describe what is actually served out here in Campello... quite delicious!

It has been pretty cold here recently, but today has definitely seen a change in the temperature, with blues skies and a warming sun, which really helps to combat the slight chill in the air. You can see from the beach picture that there is still snow on the "Aitiana" mountain peak, but I have to say that the only place you will probably see snow in El Campello, would be on the distant mountain peaks, as I believe it only snowed here once or twice last century.

the campello beach
The Campello Beach

If you are looking for an English speaking bar / restaurant along the seafront of El Campello, you have either "Brisa Bar" (central) or Bernies (500m to right), and both serve English food. I have been to Bernies several times recently on Friday nights for "Fish n Chips" and Karaoke with guest singers... good fun had by all including my Spanish and German friends here.

The beach itself is pretty quiet this time of year, but in the summer you do need to get down there early for a front line spot. There are a number of Spanish restaurants at varying prices, as well as a couple of good Italian pasta restaurants, but I would still recommend looking in the town at bit for more variety, and better prices.

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