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Thursday, 11 September 2014

El Campello Apartments Less Costly For Brits Thanks To Strong Pound

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Great news if you're a Brit planning to buy an apartment in El Campello: it's now less expensive for you to do so, because the pound has shot up against the euro over the last 18 months. To be specific, sterling recently touched its highest versus the common currency in 2 years, or since August 21st 2012, at 1.2699.

What this means for you is that your dream apartment in El Campello is now more affordable. For example, were you to transfer £125,000 to Spain to buy an apartment, you'd now receive +€17,000 more than 18 months ago, in March 2013, when sterling was as low as 1.1371. So, that's an extra +€17,000 to buy your ideal El Campello apartment!

Moreover, there's a good chance that buying an apartment in El Campello will become even better value for Brits, if sterling continues to climb. The pound may exceed this 2-year high, because the UK economy is growing faster than any other major country right now, while the Eurozone faces the twin threats of economic stagnation and deflation. 

So, 2014 now looks like a great time to buy in El Campello, as the strong pound makes doing so more affordable!

By Peter Lavelle at foreign exchange broker Pure FX. For free expert currency advice when you buy a property in El Campello, call me on +44 (0) 1494 671800 or email I'd be delighted to help.

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