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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

El Campello - Local Advice

El Campello can be found close by to Alicante and I am going to point you into the right direction as regards exactly everything that is happening here right now. I live in El Campello and have been in the area for 22 years and can assure you that this lifestyle is unbeatable, in part due to the short distance you live away from your loved ones.

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There is lot of fun to be had by the El Campello beach which is clean and you can normally pick out a good spot on the beach by the "Brisa bar" or if you've got kids there is a fun pirate playing area up by the harbour side. There are also beaches for people that are wheel-chair bound and on the whole El Campello is well adapted for the disabled, although certain improvements still need to be made.

The great thing about El Campello is that you can either live amongst the friendly locals or you can become part of the ex-pat community who are also as friendly. I personally do a bit of both having the advantage of be bilingual, so I like to get to know the locals and share some of our traditions with them. On the whole they say they don't like hot spicy food, but my Madras curries seem to go down quite well, or maybe they are just being polite.

Anyway the point I'm making is that I am part of the community of El Campello and I would only give you honest advice for any matter on living in this area of Alicante as well as on any general matters that would concern living anywhere in Spain.

The life style in El Campello is unbeatable and you will soon settle down here and feel part of the community. There are English food shops, Churches, social clubs and a whole range of activities to do at the English Speaking Club. On the one hand, it is like being back at home if that is what you are looking for, but you can easily avoid all that and just mingle in with the locals of El Campello, who I believe know how important our presence has contributed to the recent growth of Campello.

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