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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

El Campello - A Brief History

El Campello is a quaint holiday resort and perfectly located on the Costa Blanca coast of Alicante. This is a town that has resisted the lure of mass tourism and with its unpretentious air, this resort is perfect for both everyone.
Situated between Alicante City (13km) and the busy resort of Benidorm (26km) and has a history and a charm all of its own. With miles of wide sandy white beach, a pretty fishing port area, mountain views and a wide selection of quality restaurants and if you fancy a bit of fiesta then you can take the tram to Alicante or Benidorm.

History El CampelloEl Campello has a proud history giving the town a unique feel. Around the port area archaeological remains of circular cabins dating back to 3000BC have been found and the little fishing harbour with its adjoining mariner are overlooked by a 16th century watchtower that acted as a warning against raids from passing Pirates.

In the present day tourism is the town's main draw and no wonder! Dominating the resort is the blue, sun-kissed Mediterranean backed by a broad, pearl white beach stretching for miles. But the real difference is that the town planners have carefully considered the impact tourism could have and made sure that the individuality of El Campello is maintained.

We hope it will stay that way but the way things are at the moment I can't see much more being built in the next couple of years. I will try and give you further insight into El Campello soon.

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