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Monday, 26 January 2009

Alicante - Getting your Permanent Residents Certificate

If you Live in Spain, Residency...

is not compulsory, and you can get away with just having an N.I.E number, which every European community citizen will need for tax and legal issues. It doesn't matter whether you work or not, anybody who resides in Spain for more than 3 months will be legally bound to have that number.

If on the other hand you have been a resident for a number of years and have never had an N.I.E number; rather a renewable residents card, you will have to apply for a Permanent resident certificate.

The Permanent resident certificate unlike its predecessor doesn't have a photo, so it no longer serves as a form of identification, so you will be required to either carry your passport or driving license (with photo) on you at all time. It seems like a step backwards for residents but at least it's the last time you need to renew your residents permit.

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If you live in the Province of Alicante, you need to go to Alicante to an office near the old Alicante bus station, with just your passport, old residents permit and photocopies of both documents. Get there before nine in the morning and you will be given the necessary papers to fill out. Once you have presented the required documents, you will have to return the following day to pick up the permanent resident card.

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