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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Spanish Flamenco Gypsy Music, Guitar, Dancing, Clapping, Tapping From El Campello

Spanish flamenco is the main theme of this video, which is currently trying to make itself heard from here in struggling Spain. There's not a lot round here to cheer you up at present, as many Spanish people are just struggling to get fed on a daily basis. But deep within a divided Spain lies a humble people, who are all too used to struggling to get by... the Spanish Gypsies!

But it's still the Spanish Gypsies who know how to enjoy themselves regardless of their personal trials and tribulations, and in this video you'll see them at their very best, "singing and dancing Spanish Flamenco".

Flamenco is classified as an art and a Spanish national culture, and when you hear it live, you can really feel the music move through you, and it really does hit your soul big time. Judge for yourself with this quick presentation from El Campello, near Alicante, as local Gypsies Luis, Santi and sons give their all in a great display of Flamenco music with guitar, dancing, tapping and clapping... And the words of some of those Flamenco songs really have so much meaning, (but I won't be translating them:)

There's quite a few tourist spots around Spain, but anyone visiting Spain shouldn't leave without experiencing a night of Spanish Flamenco, considered as traditional Spanish Fiesta music, and a gift to us all from the Spanish Gypsy community from Andalusia, in the southern region of Spain. Seville, Malaga and Granada come to mind, and the majority of this Spanish Gypsy group in the video have their routes in Granada... Anyway we really were spoiled on the night with a magnificent display of Flamenco songs and guitar tracks that managed to shake the whole arena.

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