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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

El Campello - Discover Secure Property Investments Buying Holiday Rentals

View Of El Campello From Sea

Current economic conditions in Spain means one thing for all property investors in general.

Excellent returns on both as a long term and short term property investment, and all due to the 10 year low market prices combined with rising tourism, that demands short term rental apartments.

The Costa Blanca is a very popular destination among many northern European travellers, where Alicante is the main destination airport for places like Benidorm and Torrevieja. Most holiday makers with Spain in mind look for apartments near a beach and / or with a pool, and with everything within walking distance.

Along the coastline the price range for holiday rentals varies by season, with the mild Autumn / Winter seasons lasting about 4 months leaving 3 months of hot weather, and the remaining 5 months are ideal for sitting out in the sun without getting too red, and more important of all, that there's no need for heating or Air conditioning.

Apartment In El Campello AlicanteIn the Alicante area there are reports of properties being sold at half of their market value from just 5 years back, though with reports of a possible improvement of the Spanish economy within the next year, property prices could just soon start to increase again.

In El Campello just north of Alicante, one street "San Bartolome" was very well known for all of its estate agents several years back, but just last year virtually all of them had closed down, but now there's a sign of hope with new estate agents opening up once again.

So it would appear at least that El Campello is showing signs of some economic recovery, and with its all year round warm climate it certainly makes to be the idea holiday destination for any northern European traveller.

The video below is a great example of a holiday rental apartment, located within easy walking distance of beach and local amenities. There are 2 bedrooms, though can sleep up to 6, and there is also a community swimming pool. The apartment also overlooks the Campello central park, which is perfect for any travellers with young children.

El Campello Apartments - Why Buy Your Home In El Campello

If you are considering living in a warmer climate, then now is the right moment in time to consider the move, with current property prices at about a 10 year low. On average most properties are selling at 50% less than what was being asked just 5 years ago, and in El Campello there are still so many brand new apartments without an owner yet.

El Campello is quietly secluded on the Costablanca, just 12KM north of Alicante, so you aren't exactly isolated from the outside world, and you don't necessarily need to be car dependent. Quite honestly, if you do live in the town itself, you really don't need a car, as all of the local amenities are easily within walking distance.

Campello pronounced "Campeyo" is therefore within easy commuting distance of both Alicante and Benidorm, where you will also find the majority of English speaking schools. There are local Primary and Secondary schools in El Campello, and the only requirement for EU members is that the children are registered in the Campello Town Hall on the official roll.

Traditionally, the majority of Europeans living here are on the whole of retired age, and why not, El Campello has a lovely promenade running by the sandy beach with bars and restaurants to cool down in, or even soak up the warm sunshine, and virtually all year round. There is also a green park zone with a special children playing area, along with a large terrace bar, offering a breakfast special called "Churros" with chocolate:).

There are also several international restaurants throughout El Campello, so no need to just get comfortable down at the beach, so why not explore the town for Tapas bars, which normally come free with a drink. Large Supermarkets can be found throughout Campello, and the local hypermarket "Carrefour" is in San Juan, just a five minute drive away, where you can also find cinemas, and also the local Macdonalds:)

Campello is a fairly quiet town throughout most of the year, but things begin to liven up during the local fiestas in July and October, with the Moors and Christians festival coming up very shortly. Everyone is made to feel welcome by the people of El Campello, who do like a drink or two til early hours of the morning. The summer months will also cause a shortage of free parking due to the amount of national holidaymakers in town, but otherwise finding a permanent free parking spot for local residents is very easy.

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